Children's Set for the Mass and the Sacraments

Rev. Msgr. William R Kelly

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This charming pair of Catholic children’s classics have been carefully reprinted from the original 1925 and 1927 editions in a matching hardback set.

The Mass For Children

 This little book gives an explanation of the Mass that is both inspirational and easy-to-understand.

“The author of this wonderful little book has devised a plan which rends the veil and simplifies all necessary explanations. He knows how to approach the mind and heart of a child. He uses this gifted insight in presenting to the child the sublime drama of the Mass in a most appealing way. The language is simple, the explanations numerous and complete, the stories apt and compelling, and the pictures superb and arising naturally from the text. 

 This book should hold first place on the list of supplementary readers. Better still, it will serve as an instructive prayer-book during the Mass. It will make the Holy Sacrifice better known and better loved by children. Adults too, will read it with interest and with profit, and will regret that it did not come earlier in their lives.” -Joseph Smith, Superintendent of Catholic Schools, 1925 

64 pp, 7x5.5 inches, Hardback with color illustrations 

Our Sacraments 

This wholesome children’s book consists of a series of stories that illustrate the layers of meaning and symbolism in the sacraments. The author himself describes the book to children in the following way: 

“My Dear Boys and Girls, When Our Lord was here on earth He helped people to understand His teachings by telling them stories. Now in this little book there are stories that will help you. They will help you understand what the Church teaches about the seven wonderful sacraments. As you read the stories and look at the pictures, you will see for yourselves what the sacraments are and what they do, and your catechism lessons will, I hope, be made easier and more interesting.” -Father Kelly, Feast of the Ascension, 1927

130 pp, 7x5.5 inches, Hardback with color illustrations

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Shirley Knopp
Children's Set for Mass and Sacraments

Explanations of the Mass and Sacraments in story form are so much more instructive for little ones to help them to understand these most important basics of the Faith. I was so elated to get these and to pass along to my 7 grandchildren!