Illustrated Catechism For Little Children

Congregation de Notre-Dame & Les Clercs de Saint-Viateur

SKU: 8132  |  ISBN: 276232372X

A very unique catechism for children around the age of First Holy Communion. Profusely illustrated in full color.

Eleven chapters covering, in 96 questions: God, the Holy Trinity, the Angels, Man, Sin, Our Lord, Grace, Confession, Communion, Confirmation and the Blessed Virgin.

Chapters include the common Q&A format, along with a "reading" which is broken into separate points and which explains the answers more thoroughly, an illustrative story, sidebars on the lives of child-saints, and a "Words to Explain" section.

The centerfold is an EXCELLENT depiction of the workings of Sanctifying Grace...sometimes a difficult concept to communicate to children.

48 pp. softcover, 17 illustrations.