Solesmes Monastery

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Introits, Graduals, Alleluias, Sequences, Offertories, Communions, and Hymns from Easter Mass, and the Mass for the First Sunday after Easter.

Mass for Easter Sunday
     Track 1 - The bells of Solesmes
     Track 2 - Introit     Resurrexi
     Track 3 - Gradual     Haec Dies
     Track 4 - Alleluia     Pascha Nostrum
     Track 5 - Sequence     Victimae Paschali
     Track 6 - Offertory     Terra
     Track 7 - Communion     Pascha Nostrum
     Track 8 - Sequence    Salva Dies
Mass for the First Sunday After Easter
     Track 9 - Introit     Quasi Modo
     Track 10-Alleluia     In Die
     Track 11-Alleluia     Post Dies
     Track 12-Offertory     Angelus
     Track 13-Communion     Mitte
     Track 14-Hymn     Ad Coenam
     Track 15-Rhythm     Exsultemus
     Track 16-Hymn     Salva Festa Dies

1CD 40min