Gregorian Chant Rediscovered

Solesmes Monastery

SKU: 8479H  |  ISBN: 9781557251367

The musical highlights of the Gregorian church year sung under the direction of Solesmes choir director Dom Gajard have been digitally remastered. This recording reflects the unmatched authenticity of Gregorian chant by the Monks of Solesmes.

     Track 1-Offertory     Ad te Domine
     Track 2-Gradual     Qui sedes
     Track 3-Responsory     Descendit
     Track 4-Hymn     Virgo Dei Genitrix
     Track 5-Responsory     Media vita
     Track 6-Gradual     Dirigatur
     Track 7-Offertory     Meditabor
     Track 8-Gradual     Christus
     Track 9-Communion     Hoc corpus
     Track 10-Offertory     Custodi me
     Track 11-Responsory     Tenebrae
     Track 12-Kyrie I
     Track 13-Gloria I
     Track 14-Offertory     Jubilate
     Track 15-Responsory     Christus resurgens
     Track 16-Introit     Spiritus Domini
     Track 17-Communions     Spiritus Sanctus and Spiritus qui a Patre
     Track 18-Introit     Da pacem
     Track 19-Kyrie X
     Track 20-Offertory     Precatus est
     Track 21-Communion     Memento
     Track 22-Alleluia     Assumpta est
     Track 23-Antiphon     Salve Regina
     Track 24-Alleluia     Justus germinabit
     Track 25-Communion     Quinque prudentes
     Track 26-Introit     Requiem
     Track 27-Hymn     Urbs Jerusalem