Holy Hour Of Reparation

Angelus Press

SKU: 8388  |  ISBN: 9781892331700

An Hour with Our Lord

This collection of prayers may be used for public or private devotion. Excellent for making a "Holy Hour" at home or at Church. Contains a thorough one-hour program of litanies, acts of consecration, and other prayers to carefully guide you along the way.

Classic Reprint 

This gorgeous reprint of the Holy Hour of Reparation is simply stunning. Each prayer from the original 1945 prayer book has been re-typeset for larger, clearer print. Color pictures have been added throughout. Every church, and every family needs this book!


Bookstore owners, be the first to stock your Church pews with the classic reprint of the famous devotion which Jesus Himself asked us to do.

64pp. Softcover.

Customer Reviews

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Joseph Purcell

The beauty of this booklet is not only the larger typeset but the equally awesome…holy illustrations…I can’t recommend this enough. Thank you Angelus Press for a job truly well done , and as always…Thanks be to the Most Holy Trinity!!!

Judith Johnson
The Real Deal

I ordered this booklet because, while other publishers have this, they do not have the original prayer to Christ the King that includes the paragraph of prayer for the conversion of the Muslims and Jews. These prayers like so many other things after Vatican 2, got discarded like the baby’s bath water.

Gorgeous and Inspiring

This book is absolutely beautiful and so well done. Everything from the prayers chosen, the various font choices, the unbelievably smooth paper, the layout, and the jaw-dropping images. This is truly one of the nicest booklets I’ve ever seen. It is a true treasure. I’ve had mine for a few years now and am back to buy more. Such a gift. Every Catholic home should have several copies and most definitely a lovely gift. My children are 6, 3, and 2 and they love to look at the images.

Julie K
Just Incredible

I have many books and booklets specifically for Holy Hours of Reparation - this one is truly incredible. It's clear that a lot of thought was put into it. The feel of the paper is like nothing I've felt in a book before, very smooth. The typeset is perfect - the right size and bold ink - very easy to read. The pictures are so beautiful; they really add to the prayers. Even the prayers that were chosen are perfect, from the Consecration prayers to the prayers (and artwork) in honor of the Holy Wounds, even the layout for the Sorrowful mysteries- I appreciate that the prayers are not chopped up - there is one rosary mystery per page and when possible, entire prayers all on one page. I love this booklet so much. Thank you Angelus Press - everyone should have a copy of this. In fact, I'm going to suggest to my Parish book store that they carry this item.

A friend gave me this since I mentioned to her about my Blessed Sacrament visits.

Since then my visits had changed! This book is a great conversational tool with Jesus...I strongly recommend it for the Holy Hour you spend with Him!