Learning About Gregorian Chant

Solesmes Monastery

SKU: 8479M  |  ISBN: 9781557252920

Known throughout the world as the leading masters of Gregorian chant, the monks of Solesmes have released Learning about Gregorian Chant. This recording simplifies and clarifies the world of chant for those to whom Gregorian chant is a mystery. The combination of a clearly understood text (read by Sarah Moule) with the fluidly sung examples (sung by the Benedictine monks of Solesmes), convinces the listener that Gregorian chant is open to everyone for enjoyment and prayer. The clear and concise presentation on this recording will make it a valuable resource for educators, musicologists, students of music and those who wish for a basic understanding of chant.

The History of Gregorian Chant
     Track 1-Gloria (with ringing of the bells)
     Track 2-Ambrosian Gloria
     Track 3-Antiphon     In mandatis and Psalm 111
     Track 4-Psalm 100
     Track 5-Psalm 111
The Gregorian Musical Forms     Proper of the Mass
     Track 6-Introit     Nos autem
     Track 7-Gradual     Concupivit
     Track 8-Alleluia     Psacha nostrum
     Track 9-Offertory     Laetentur
     Track 10-Communion     Psacha nostrum
Ordinary of the Mass
     Track 11-Kyrie III
     Track 12-Gloria IX
     Track 13-Sanctus XVIII
     Track 14-Agnus Dei XVIII
Divine Office
     Track 15-Antiphon     Dixit Dominus and Psalm 109
     Track 16-Antiphon     Si offers and Magnificat
     Track 17-Response     Credo
     Track 18-Hymn     Lucis creator
     Track 19-Hymn     Salve festa dies

1CD 60min