Marcel Lefebvre: The Biography

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The Life of Archbishop Marcel Lefebvre

With over 2,000 references and 1,500 names cited, this is the definitive biography of Archbishop Lefebvre, written by one of his closest associates, Bishop Bernard Tissier de Mallerais - a scholar in his own right.

Critics have said of the original French edition: "magisterial," "well-researched, serious, and honest," "reveals unsuspected facets. A very complete work," "a rich, important contribution to contemporary religious history," "a literary event," "a landmark." Influential French traditional Catholic publisher Jean Madiran said, "...the fruit of several years of considerable labor. The book is rich in documentation, often unpublished, and in many theological observations."

Marcel Lefebvre's (1905-91) career saw him make a meteoric rise through the Church ranks. At age 42, this missionary priest was appointed bishop in Senegal by Pope Pius XII. One year later, he was named as the Holy See's Apostolic Delegate for French-speaking Africa. In 1962 he was elected Superior General of the 5,000-member Holy Ghost Fathers. Pope John XXIII made him an Assistant to the Papal Throne and a member of the Preparatory Commission for the Second Vatican Council.

In 1968 he felt obliged to resign from his post as Superior General, and on November 1, 1970, he founded the Society of St. Pius X in Econe, Switzerland with canonical approval. He gradually became well-known throughout the world because of his adherence to the "Latin Mass," his opposition to some of the innovations of Vatican II (1962-65), and his disagreements with Pope Paul VI.

After the Vatican sanctioned him and the Society, he celebrated a "forbidden Mass" in Lille, France (1976), before 10,000 Catholics and 400 journalists, an event that brought him and his convictions international status. In 1988 he made headlines again when he consecrated four bishops without the permission of Pope John Paul II.

Learn about the Life of Archbishop Lefebvre

All Catholics, particularly those attached to the Tridentine Mass, owe a huge debt of gratitude to this man who was so extraordinarily sure of himself only because he was absolutely sure of God. We ought to know him better.

718 pp. Hardcover with dust jacket. 54 photographs, 16 maps and charts.

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Customer Reviews

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David Bugbee
Powerful Page-Turner

I am not Catholic, but I wanted to better understand what happened during Vatican II. This biography of Archbishop Lefebvre is a real page-turner, fascinating, easy to read, inspiring and informative. The book covers the archbishop's life from start to end, gives a good understanding of the issues he faced and the important role he played in his service to the Church. I wish I could have met him in person. This is a book I will reread, a must-read for Catholics and an important read for members of other communions.

Ian St France
The Ultimate Bio

The work here of Bp. Tissier de Mallerais is unreal in its scope. As I read this the attention to detail was superb, the specifics and antidotes were clear and fitting and the whole picture of Archbishop Lefebvre is given to the reader. For those who didn’t know the Archbishop while he was alive this book acts as a bridge to understand his life, mission/vision and his desire to preserve and protect the Catholic Church. Don’t be discouraged by the size, it’s wonderful reading and it’s not a story that needs to be compacted into 100 pages. It is the modern story of what giving all for the Church looks like. I would also recommend “They Have Uncrowned Him” as the next must read book for traditional Catholics looking to learn more from the Archbishops pen, as
“Open Letter to Confused Catholics” deals with the micro of the issues at present day the former deals with the semi macro of the current crisis. Thanks to Bp. Tissier de Mallerais again for this amazing task.

Cole Parker
“But don’t take my word for it”

You don’t need me to review this book. Especially after the recent motu proprio TC, many Catholics will now come in droves to learn the truth of who the Archbishop was and what he did. Much misinformation has been given about this saintly man. You came here looking for the truth and it is found within this book. Highly researched and academically cited, this work is the bar which the author set incredibly high. Deo Gratias

Paula Powers- Traverzo
This book is a superior introduction to the SSPX.

I am a Vatican II Catholic and knew nothing of the SSPX. For many years, I have attempted to combat liturgical abuses in the Church rather vigorously, of course to no avail. The book was an answer to prayer. Any Catholic who deeply treasures the Church's deposit of Faith and Her Tradition and finds that the post-Vatican II Church is no longer the Church of Jesus Christ but of the neo-Modernists should read this book for a superb introduction to the founding of the Society of Saint Pius X and its remarkable founder. For the traditional Catholic, it will serve to further ground one spiritually because it transmits to the reader the armor of the Faith. Reading this book not only will make one more aware of Abp. LeFebvre and our Catholic faith but will at once impart a clearer knowledge of our great faith. I found my way to the true Church by reading this one book.