Requiem Mass CD

Solesmes Monastery

SKU: 8479P  |  ISBN: 9781557251046

Introit, Kyrie, Gradual, Tract, Offertory, Sanctus, Agnus Dei, Communion, and Alleluias from Mass for the Dead; and Invitatory, Responses, and Antiphons from the Office for the Deceased.

Requiem Mass
     Track 1-Introit     Requiem
     Track 2-Kyrie
     Track 3-Gradual     Requiem
     Track 4-Tract     Absolve
     Track 5-Offertory     Domine Jesu
     Track 6-Sanctus
     Track 7-Agnus Dei
     Track 8-Communion     Lux Aeterna
     Track 9-Alleluia     De Profundis
     Track 10-Alleluia     In Exitu
Office For the Dead
     Track 11-Invitatory     Regem cui Omnia
     Track 12-Responsory     Credo
     Track 13-Responsory     Memento
     Track 14-Responsory     Ne Recorderis
     Track 15-Responsory     Libera…de Viis
     Track 16-Responsory     Subvenite
     Track 17-Antiphon     In Paradisum
     Track 18-Antiphon     Chorus
     Track 19-Antiphon     Ego Sum
     Track 20-Antiphpon     Habitabit
     Track 21-Bells:Tolling of the Knell

1CD 49min