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At Angelus Press, we not only want to fortify traditional Catholics so that they can defend the Faith, we also want to reach those who have not found Tradition so that they can find a safe harbor in the storm. Because the crisis is worse than even, the remedy is even more necessary. The eternal truths of the Catholic Faith need to reach more souls today, souls destined to eternal life by Almighty God.

To fulfill our mission to promote the Traditional Catholic Faith, we need your assistance.

Blessed by Providence over the years, Angelus Press has grown and is now the official communications arm of the US District. This means that in addition to the books and The Angelus magazine, we:

  • Host an annual Conference for Catholic Tradition to help form the faithful
  • Manage and publish all the internal and external bulletins of the District, including the Regina Coeli Report, Priest’s Bulletin, and the new upcoming Angelus Magazine on the Missions.
  • Manage SSPX.org, DICI.org, and will be instrumental in the upcoming international SSPX News agency

And not many people are aware, but Angelus Press and the US District have been supplying books and materials free of charge to several groups of people. Firstly are those priests interested in coming to Tradition and wanting to learn the Traditional Latin Mass. The second group are the imprisoned. Never has the call to visit the imprisoned and instruct the ignorant been so important. The third group are our foreign missions. Angelus Press does everything we can to either supply materials at no cost, or at as low a cost as possible to our missionaries.

Please join us in this ambitious soul-saving endeavor. Your gift is key to educating souls for the glory of God and the future of Holy Mother Church.

I would sell the ring off my finger to support the Catholic press.
– Pope St. Pius X

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Underwriting Opportunities at Angelus Press

  • 2024 Liturgical Calendar - $16,000
  • Kyriale - $5,000
  • Reprint of the 1962 Daily Missal in English and Spanish - $124,000
  • That He May Reign - $5,500.00

Read more here or contact Mr. James Vogel at 785-321-3615.

Other Giving Opportunities

  • Archbishop Lefebvre and the Benedictines
  • St. Mary's Academy & College
  • Notre Dame de La Salette Boys Academy
  • Franciscan Sisters of Christ the King
  • St. Thomas Aquinas Seminary
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