Let Yourself Be Led By The Immaculate

St. Maximilian Kobe

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Learn True Marian Devotion

Learn True Marian Devotion from one of the Greatest Marian Saints of All Time!

Everyone has heard of St. Maximilian Kolbe, but few know who he really is. Offering his life for another was simply the crowning end to a life lived in service of the Immaculate, and in this short collection of his words, he teaches us how to truly desire and obtain that same love which burned in his heart.

Pulling from numerous sources, all taken from St. Maximilian Kolbe's own words, this little book considers:

Meditation Book on Our Lady

If you are looking for a source of meditation on Mary, and a book that will help you to become closer to her Immaculate Heart, then this is it.

You will return to this book again and again to help bring a Marian focus to your daily life, using the words of this saint to truly fall in love with Mary, and to take up her standard as your own. The modern world finds Mary and devotion to Mary to be uncomfortable. St. Maximilian Kolbe, in this short collection, shows that there is no other way to please God but through this total devotion to Mary.

69pp. Softcover

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I highly recommend this little treasure of a book--I read a bit every day.

The goal is to let your will and the will of the Immaculate become one--the surest way to heaven.